Apple claims the iPhone X had a pretty processor. What about if this phone compared to Galaxy Note 8, who wins?

Already the plural thing is done when the newly released phone try the kitchen's performance was examined through a benchmark test. Not up there, the result is then compared to its competitors.

Well so did iPhone X, after it was released September 12, A11 the Bionic with processor tested wear applications Geekbench. A11 Bionic had six core and claimed 25% firmer performance from A10.

There are unmatchable Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. In addition to countless new, still, hosts mobile phone Samsung processor Snapdragon powered 835 claimed fastest at this time.

As a result, on a single-core testing, the iPhone X scoring 4,061. While in the multi-core test, cell phone upgrade for Apple can grab score 9,959.

The value goes far beyond what's written Galaxy S8. On testing single core just grab 2,024. While multi-core 6,279 testing. When compared with the Galaxy Note 8 (BC-N950F), testing single core phones reached a value of 2,005. And while testing the multi-core reaching a value of 6,709.

Interestingly the test results even iPhone X overtaking MacBook Pro ex. 2017. Intel Core i5 processor powers it, MacBook Pro just got a 4,036 (single core) and 8,869 (multi-core).

See the results of this test, it is not wrong if Apple claims performance processors very toned. But indeed the benchmark results not everything, all back again on the user experience itself.