iPhone 8 Facial Recognition And Artificial Intelligence

Among so many rumors that are circulating on the next iPhone can sometimes become difficult to know what to believe, with each new information necessary to be taken with some dose of mistrust. However, rumors gain some strength when Bloomberg is corroborating them.

It says the American publication that Apple will replace its fingerprint recognition technology for easy 3d recognition, capable of authenticating identity thanks to thick sensors.

Bloomberg also indicates that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with promotion, a newly premiered iPad Pro technology that allows you to mitigate the fog effect that having to appear in faster navigations. Finally, it is also information that iPhone 8 will integrate a specially designed chip to cope with artificial intelligence-related tasks.

iPhone 8 Visual

No more rendering or conceptual arts: Surfers may finally have leaked the final design of the new iPhone in two separate leaks. The first of them occurred last Friday and claimed to be from the official user manual of the new Apple flagship. The second, in turn, and the mysteries on top of iPhone 8 when offering explicit photos of what can be a prototype or exemplary smartphone.

What do the two cases have in common? A lot of things. They both gave the faces in Weibo – one of China's largest social networks – present the same frame that we saw in some recent renders and, amazingly, even dispense the classic home button of the iPhone family. In place of the shortcut at the bottom, the screen expands to occupy almost the entire front part of the appliance, leaving minimal edges of almost all sides. As it was hoping, the upper portion can rely on a small "retreat" that compiles one of the speakers, sensors and selfie cam.

In the image above, which supposedly corresponds to the card that teaches how to enter the SIM card on the phone, it is possible to see that a good portion of what appeared on the web in recent times may be correct. Even though the material points to a very different look than we saw in the 6 and iPhone 7 series of the Apple device, it gives no clues about where the Touch ID of the handset has stopped. Fortunately, clicks published by a Chinese surfer this Saturday seem to solve the puzzle.

As you can see – if these records are correct, of course – the Apple company did not need to resort to a rear biometric sensor as it did Samsung with its dual Galaxy S8 and S8 +. However, this does not mean that the manufacturer has managed to integrate the resource into the display. In fact, everything indicates that the personnel of Cupertino decided to lengthen the gadget's power button so that it can recognize the user's digital. It is possible to see that the design of the shortcut is more full-bodied in both leaks.

Of course, absolutely none of this information is recorded in stone or has been confirmed by Apple, but it is interesting to speculate a little on top of these findings. Did the company give up, for example, the facial recognition feature as the primary biometric security tool for iPhone 8? How will iOS 11 behave concerning the "fillet" at the top of the screen?

For now, it's going to need to wait a little longer to get those answers. That's because the idea is that Tim Cook and his commanders present the iPhone for anniversary – in addition to the 7s and 7s plus editions – soon more, in the traditional event of the House, to be held in September. Are you psyched for these releases? Leave your opinion on the case below, in the comments section.