iPad_Pro_2.jpg We may be many weeks away from the iPad Pro 2 launch. Most of what we can say about the next iPad is based on common sense and guesswork. iPad has been the device which has been very successful for Apple. Based on sources listed in TheBitBag, March 2017 is a significant possibility for the iPad Pro 2 release date. When Apple launched the original iPad Pro, it didn’t come in a 256GB storage capacity, but Apple adds it to the line-up at the same time as the introduction of the iPad Pro 9.7. Based on this history, we expect the iPad Pro 2 to come in the same storage options which are currently available. The question of whether it can replace a laptop remains to be seen. Now, the original iPad Pro can be connected to Apple’s Smart keyboard, but some users are still saying that it is not quite up to scratch as a complete substitute for your laptop. This is one of an important area of the company to improve iPad Pro 2017 Specs.

People are expecting a significant upgrade on the iPad Pro 2017 specs. Slashgear reckons Apple will introduce a new A10X chip; this is the same chip that builds on the existing A10 processor used in the iPhone 7. Whereas it was Apple’s first chip to combine high-power and low-power cores, which can be activated depending on the difficulty of the task you are trying to get done. With this ability, the chip is pretty much helpful in saving the battery especially when it is an easy job; the lower-power cores will handle the grunt work, this is the way it saves the battery life. With this possibility, if the company is also making some upgrade to the battery, then it will result in longer battery life on the iPad Pro 2017 specs. It is also a significant upgrade that people will be excited about.

It is fairly easy to predict that Apple will bring the specs of the iPad Pro 2 to at least match the 9.7-inch model. That means the company needs to add the True Tone display which can alter the screen’s color temperature depending on the ambient lighting of where you use it, so you can see the image properly no matter what conditions you are in. Then the company should add the 12MP iSight camera with Live Photos and 4K video recording and the 5MP front FaceTime HD camera with a Retina Flash. The other source also rumored that Apple would make the switch from a LED panel to an OLED one, which would mean even more impressive colors. With this OLED displays, each pixel emits its light, eliminating the need for a backlight. This technology is very effective to reduce power consumption; as an individual pixel can be turned off. This technology is also resulting in deeper (and truer) blacks. Sadly, we got an unpleasant report from KGI Securities claiming that the new iPad Pro 2 won’t be fitted with an OLED display after all.

Via: iPad Pro Guide