The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be presented early next year, but there are already a lot of rumors around. We take here with you by what we already know about the new flagship of the Korean manufacturer.

Galaxy S8 expectations

After the deleted Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung ready for a new top model that the turnover up again should help. That is in all likelihood the Galaxy S8, which many features of the Galaxy Note 7 will take over. Although the unveiling of the next high-end smartphone some months later, we hear more and more rumors lately. So by now we have a pretty good idea of what the device will offer. To talk to you, we have our Samsung Galaxy S8 expectations set for you.

1. Borderless screen

Smartphone manufacturers are getting better in reducing the size of the borders around the screen. That's good because of the smaller the edge how more compact the appliance. With minimal edge can manufacturers a big screen in a unit stopping without that the whole smartphone bumbling is. Yet there is still plenty of room for improvement. So it takes about 72 percent of the Galaxy S7-screen in front, while the iPhone 8 at about 66%. Other manufacturers put the coming month's significant steps to increase that percentage. The recently unveiled Xiaomi Mi Mix fills 91% of the front fill. Sources claim that Samsung wants to offer 99% screen within a few months. Next year, that still won't work, yet the plans for 2017 ambitious. The Galaxy S8 screen should be more than 90 percent of the front cover.

2. Camera: dual lens on the back, autofocus first

Just as the Huawei P9 and the iPhone 7 Plus earlier this year will also double the Galaxy Samsung S8 camera. Samsung would next to a primary 12-megapixel camera a second 13-megapixel camera. This would make it possible to better capture depth, similar to the portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus. For instance, you can make the background of a photo out of focus or the second camera for everything to get sharper. Samsung has promised that the significantly improved the Galaxy's S8 camera will be relative to that of the Galaxy S7. What these improvements further content is still unclear, but that the front camera gets an upgrade seems according to law. This gets a 8 megapixel camera, which should perform better than the 5-megapixel camera of the Galaxy S7. This camera may be equipped with autofocus. That is a pretty unique thing: autofocus is almost standard in all cameras on the back, but first we see the rarely. Just so you know in any case sure you always face in sharp focus.

3. Iris scanner and optical fingerprint scanner

Samsung had already introduced an iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7. Before the general public, this scanner could use the aircraft was already taken off the market. However, the technology is not yet on Samsung: Galaxy S8 is probably also of the biometric security. The Galaxy S8 belongs to the first Android smartphones with such a scanner. This works with infrared light. Read through your iris to determine whether you can access your device, which even works in the dark. Contrary that an iris scanner less good if you move or if you wear glasses: the unit must be able to see your eyes well and clearly. But don't worry: the iris scanner will not replace the fingerprint scanner. Also before that, Samsung, however, significant plans. In the past was the scanner always processed in the home button at the bottom of the screen. You pressed that button, then you could unlock your device directly. With the Galaxy S8 is this home, however, deleted button to make more space for the screen. That is why Samsung an optical fingerprint scanner pass it below the screen. Place your finger on the touch screen, then there are several sensors that can recognize your print. Saves space and is incredibly futuristic.

4. Larger screen with 4 k resolution

Samsung wants to bet on virtual reality with the Galaxy S8 firmer than before. They do other things with a higher resolution. After all, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image, and it brand you directly with virtual reality. You sit than namely (literally) with your nose on the image and then counts every pixel. It is rumored that Samsung is working on a variant of the appliance using a 4 k resolution, or 3860 at 2140 pixels. This makes the image more than fifty percent sharper as on for example the Galaxy S7. In addition to the resolution will also significantly increase the size of the screen as possible. Samsung would partly because of the borderless screen and leave out the home button more of the surface of the device want to put in as a screen. The ' ordinary ' Galaxy S8 gets a curved 5.7-inch screen, while the Plus variant according to sources will include no less than 6.2 a diagonal of the inch.

5. Bixby, the smart Assistant

The Galaxy S8 is equipped with a voice-guided Assistant that is a lot more intelligent than what we have seen so far on Android. Through the acquisition of Viv Labs, the makers of Siri, the company received new technology in the field of artificial intelligence. Bixby, as the Assistant called, can naturally communicate with and even learn from users. In addition, Bixby also with all kinds of services and handle other devices, such as smart refrigerators and washing machines. To Bixby to boot gets the Galaxy S8 a special button that can activate it immediately.

From this website: As it stands is Samsung Galaxy S8 not announce at the same time as previous years. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that annually takes place at the end of February each year, Samsung unveiled its new flagship in the Galaxy S series. This time Samsung would like to take more time to perfect the Galaxy S8, what the announcement a month on. Samsung brings new Galaxy S smartphones typically soon after the announcement to the stores.

The forecast for the Galaxy S8 is no different: you will be the unit a good two weeks after the official unveiling. About the price is still unknown, but we expect this in line with the Galaxy S7. That unit cost 700 euros at its release.