How to 'iPhone 8'? Yes, because as you know the iPhone it will meet ten years on your next renewal, and all it points to iPhone no 7s, but direct jump to the iPhone' 8'. That's what they already say analysts most relevant - and rate of hits, clear-, and have also begun to forward details about the new smartphone when, lest we forget, just a few weeks that premiered the new iPhone 7 ago and iPhone 7 Plus. And what you have already spoken it is its dual camera. All points that Apple will keep the double camera that has premiered in the iPhone 7 Plus, but for the next generation will give another ' jump qualitative '.

iPhone 8 Setup Guide

The launch of this terminal, the more recent and larger, already commented that 'one is worse than the other' because, among other things, has one smaller opening and therefore lower catches low light quality. Well, this is one of the issues that it seems that Apple will address, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the difference in quality between optics and other. The renowned analyst ensures that the dual camera will remain in at least one of the three models that are expected of the next iPhone 7. He says that in this version the two sensors will come equipped with redesigned image thanks to a set of lenses optical stabilizer which, Furthermore, will modify their skills as 'tell'. I.e., we can expect that Apple will focus on the double Magnifier, explains what says the analyst, and in more detail that 'zoom mode will offer better image quality'.

What is it mean with this? To the difference in opening could reduce is of form considerable so, when we do a photo ' 2 x ' with little light, not is lose quality. Many existing rumors about iPhone 8 Apple will present after the summer, and all this information seem to agree in that will be before a phone to dial a new revolution in the market. One of the main standard-bearers of the sale of iPhone 8 would not only be your new design but also its new photographic section covered in an almost total redesign of your telephoto and the bet by the optical image in its dual camera stabilizer, it would only be present in the more advanced model.

Rumors about the iPhone 8 do not cease, and the latter comes from the firm KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Analyst argues that the 8 iPhone camera will be one of the main features of differentiation of the phone, and that would come by a complete restructuring of the photographic section. According to the cited analyst, Apple aims to redesign the telephoto of the iPhone 8 to improve the quality of the photographs. Not only that but that bet by the optical image in both modules of the dual camera stabilizer. These improvements would be a series of challenges in manufacturing that would make that this photographic enhancement only give time to implement it in one of the phone models. Read more iPhone 8 Setup Guide