Split-Screen_Apps_on_LG_G6.jpg LG G6 has just announced officially on February 26, at the press conference of the company during the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. From the company’s press conference, we got a new fact about the new LG flagship. The company proudly unveiled a new top-end model that is specifically designed for split-screen uses. Apparently, the company doesn’t want to bring back the modular design of its previous flagship. The company has created the LG G6 display with an 18:9 ratio to achieve this aim for split-screen apps on LG G6. With this ratio, the screen of LG G6 appears wider than standard ratio which is usually used by most handsets.

Apparently, the company found what was missing in the previous handset sales targets. Based on an analyst, with this split-screen app on the new LG G6, it can be a good strategy for the company to achieve its goals. The split-screen apps is a boost for smartphone productivity, and surely it will be one of the favorite apps of the smartphone. From the announcement of the new LG G6 ahead of the opening of the MWC trade show in Barcelona, the company also announced the LG G6 as the first Android device which includes Google Assistant.

Split-Screen feature

The new LG G6 has designed its display with 5.7inch; it means 0.4 wider than the G5’s component. The display of the LG G6 is also brighter than its predecessor, adding support for high dynamic range video playback as well. With its water resistant capability, the new smartphone can survive for being submerged underwater for up to half an hour. It’ll be a significant breakthrough for the existence water resistance capability of the other smartphone. With all these real improvements on the new flagship, LG G6 offers many things that are mostly expected by many users, in particular for the Split-Screen Apps on LG G6.

With the additional support for Split-Screen software, users will be able to have two same-sized square interfaces on the G6’s screen. The users can see it either side-by-side or one-above-the-other, up to how the users hold the phone. The Split-Screen on the G6, based on the press conference, is applicable for:

  • Opening two different apps alongside each other.
  • Launching a monthly calendar in one box, while the other one for displaying a day’s agenda.
  • Viewing a music album’s artwork and play controls in one interface, while the other one is showing a list of songs it contains.

Besides the uses we mentioned above, the Split-Screen Apps on LG G6 is also helpful for taking square-shaped photos for the social network Instagram. When using this Split-Screen app on LG G6, if the user holds the smartphone vertically, the top box on the G6’s display shows the live view from the camera while the last taken photo is shown on the bottom one. This arrangement is a good idea to enable the users reviewing an image without the risk of missing another moment.

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