Games for Nintendo Switch: the complete list of titles confirmed so far

Following the event last January, with whom Nintendo has revealed to the world the Switch, there has been ads and rumor on titles that would accompany the first year of life of the console. In addition to the above-mentioned games, Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that his company is already working on Pikmin 4 and now the game is one of the priorities. Unfortunately so far were not disclosed the details of the new chapter, but it shouldn't be long now.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a console which can become portable. It is shaped like a perfect tablet but hides many surprises, including two controllers called Joy-With that can be detached from the console and used separately.

But how does it work? The switch has three different modes; The Handheld Mode uses of Joy-With attached to the display unit for use in a portable mode; in TV Mode the screen is docked in the Pack, and the two controllers are connected to a central unit, the Joy-With Grip. Alternatively, you can also use more traditional pads sold separately, the Pro Controller; the Tabletop Fashions finally sees the Unit screen detached from the dock and the Joy-With separated from it. A booth located behind the display unit makes it possible to use it as a mini laptop monitor to play in local multiplayer.

This choice has enabled Nintendo to broaden the console users, attracting as potential users and players who prefer to play "home" as well as dynamic and oriented to portability. A move in perfect accordance with the company's decision to bring together the hardware and handheld divisions into a single entity.

How do Joy-With and alternative ways to play

Being relatively small, Joy-With a combination of technology and contain unique features. The classic analog sticks (clickable, by the way), Front/back buttons, buttons Home and Share, adding motion sensors similar to those tested on Wii and especially the infamous HD Rumble.

This last "feature" offers a quality of feedback ever before resulting in entirely original gameplay elements. An example: you'll experience at your fingertips the "movement" of ice cubes in a glass. The vibration will change to give you the feeling of "feel" a variable number of cubes or different amounts of water.

The Joy-With destroy is also equipped with an NFC, which allows you to read the Amiibo and a "motion IR camera" which, according to the company, it can detect shape, movement, and distance of an object. Imagine that you can use to play a hand of "rock, paper, scissors."

Nintendo has simultaneously launched a new version of the famous Pro Controller already seen on Wii, also equipped with the motion sensor, the NFC, and HD Rumble.

But the battery how long does actually? Recent tests showed a lasting more than two to five hours depending on the software used and the conditions of use. Nintendo confirms that playing with the new Zelda the battery lasts just under three hours. It is of course possible to power the console even when Handheld using the supplied charger or anyone that uses USB-C.

Nintendo Switch Games List

Taken from this post: On 3DS and Wii U we learned to use StreetPass and Miiverse to unleash our "social" nature and interact with other players. On Switch, these two frameworks do not exist. However, there is a Share button (remind you of anything?) on the joystick with sinister that allows you to upload videos and snapshots of the games on the major social networks. They come back even the Mii, although this time they were "hidden" in the options screen of the console. We already know that in the first months we won't have to make streaming services provisions, but it is one thing that Nintendo is thinking for the foreseeable future.

As for online, Nintendo will Switch to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offering a paid service that will be launched this fall at a price still unknown. This service will offer players discounts on games in NES or SNES titles and the free digital version that can be used in rotation for a month. Meanwhile, Nintendo is offering a glimpse of the service with a free introductory period.