As the user of Apple device-lover, you must have already known about the launching of iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch a couple weeks ago which known as the best tablet-series manufactured by Apple. Of course, it is not only caused by the huge-name own by Apple, but also the quality of each series being produced have been qualified and accepted, both from the standard specification made by Apple themselves, and also the preference of the user as the main consumer. However, there must be something different with the iPad Pro since it is named as Pro itself as well as people also related this rumor with the availability of Apple Pencil as additional device for the iPad Pro. Yet, it is not that familiar yet with the usage of Apple Pencil, so as long as you could catch the Apple Pencil tutorial, the simple one below, you are about to understand more on how to use the Apple Pencil well.

There is nothing need to be worried whenever you are about to start a new device ever since there are huge number of people who have already made the user-guide, humanly, as these Apple Pencil tutorial below.

  • The first thing you need to do is preparing the setup of the additional device into your gadget, the iPad Pro 9.7-inch as well. This step can be named as the simplest one, in incredibly term, since you only need to remove the topper lid of the pencil, then you are going to find the Lighting connection.
  • The next thing, make sure both the iPad and the device have paired already by plug the connection on the step before, and then plug the Apple Pencil into iPad Pro, too.
  • Known as the number-one device in sensitivity, the Apple Pencil also known as pressure sensitive even though the gesture-based would not work properly on the device, either you have to press harder in order to make a broader line on your work.
  • In order to prevent the cut-off of the connection, you can use the adapter given by Apple which allow you to input implement well.

Speaking about the Apple Pencil guide above, how about the technology equipped into the Apple Pencil itself? Well, it would be really great since iPad Pro can scan about 240 times of signal coming from the Apple Pencil in each second. Thus, it would improve the low latency and accuracy whenever you start to use it well. You can read more about Apple Pencil tutorial here