Nintendo NX Games

By John Silombo on Thursday, August 11 2016, 02:26 - General

A game console is more appealing when it is integrated with great games. People now are keeping a big question about the first game to see in the Launch Window of Nintendo NX. what about you? which games do you want to see for the first time when the Nintendo NX is finally launched? There is an information of MCV about the system’s plan to launch window games. Based on this information, Pokemon and Mario were mentioned as launch window titles, along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Apparently this is not just rumor anymore, because the reports about the mentioned games were reinforced previous instincts about the likes of Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros are offering some early support. With the big games for the launch, people are optimistic that the Nintendo NX won’t end up like Wii U.

The upcoming Nintendo console is in its preparation for the release date. Some people are curiously waiting for the launch, and some others are a little bit worry, especially some people who owned Wii U and 3DS. They feel that a new console means fewer games for their current hardware. But there is an official statement answering this: Nintendo would keep supporting 3DS and Wii U after the launch of NX. hopefully what they said is true, so that the owner of Wii U and 3DS is not deeply disappointed.

Expectations and speculations about the upcoming Nintendo NX are the proof that people still keep their interest to Nintendo console. The leading NX games mentioned to be the window games for the launch time is also can be a good reason for people to purchase Nintendo NX in the first time launch. Especially The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most expected games to arrive alongside the Nintendo NX when the first time it hits shelves that in March 2017. So far, there’s no details about the proposed new Mario game could be, but it is mentioned that Pokemon’s NX debut will come from Game Freak. The launch window is important key for Nintendo NX to be successful with a strong start. Of course everything must be well prepared, and organized. At least Nintendo have a good chance to answer people’s expectations to their upcoming console. It is a big chance to take people’s attention to give a good welcome for NX.

iPhone 7 Protested By Users

By John Silombo on Saturday, April 23 2016, 08:38 - General

Apple so far has not announced it will issue a new series of products his iPhone. But the news related to the launch of the iPhone 7 this year has been widely reported. But Apple would get a lot of complaints from users related to the manufacture of the iPhone 7. That is because Apple plans to replace the 3.5 mm audio jack on the iPhone device 7 with lightning port technology.

The rumors finally make Apple enthusiasts gather petitions to protest the plan. At this moment there are already about 217 thousand petition signed digitally. That is because users do not want earphones and headphones with a 3.5 mm connector normally found on the iPhone become disused again. Not only that, users also argued if the change was only adds electronic waste.

"Not only could force iPhone users to allot additional money to replace their hi-fi headphones, it will create a pile of electronic waste, the possibility can not be recycled," reads the petition. "According to the UN, up to 90 percent of the world's electronic trash illegally traded or discarded every year."

From his first appearance until now, Apple does not go adding features a microSD slot on the iPhone 7. No doubt, this makes the user must conserve memory space of data, or other options to buy an iPhone with a larger memory. Well, therein lies the 'ingenuity' Apple. Yes, to buy the iPhone with an internal memory capacity is larger, the average user must add the cost of about USD 100. For example, if you want to buy an iPhone SE 64GB rather than 16GB. Unfortunately based technology research institute IHS estimates, money that should be added for the sake of memory is more relieved that expensiveness.

As reported by, analyst of IHS named Wayne Lam said if the difference in price for memory expansion to 64GB of 16GB just USD 12. As a result of everyone who buys an iPhone 64GB rather than 16GB, Apple gets hit $ 80! Lam also said Apple has long utilize such sales strategy for improving corporate profits from iPhone lines are very famous. Apple itself has not confirmed the statement of the IHS, but not before Tim Cook had said that if the price of the component units of the iPhone 7 is much different than the mentioned parties wrecker iPhone for the study. You trust anyone?

Apple Pencil Tutorial in Minimalist

By John Silombo on Sunday, April 17 2016, 23:55 - General

As the user of Apple device-lover, you must have already known about the launching of iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch a couple weeks ago which known as the best tablet-series manufactured by Apple. Of course, it is not only caused by the huge-name own by Apple, but also the quality of each series being produced have been qualified and accepted, both from the standard specification made by Apple themselves, and also the preference of the user as the main consumer. However, there must be something different with the iPad Pro since it is named as Pro itself as well as people also related this rumor with the availability of Apple Pencil as additional device for the iPad Pro. Yet, it is not that familiar yet with the usage of Apple Pencil, so as long as you could catch the Apple Pencil tutorial, the simple one below, you are about to understand more on how to use the Apple Pencil well.

There is nothing need to be worried whenever you are about to start a new device ever since there are huge number of people who have already made the user-guide, humanly, as these Apple Pencil tutorial below.

  • The first thing you need to do is preparing the setup of the additional device into your gadget, the iPad Pro 9.7-inch as well. This step can be named as the simplest one, in incredibly term, since you only need to remove the topper lid of the pencil, then you are going to find the Lighting connection.
  • The next thing, make sure both the iPad and the device have paired already by plug the connection on the step before, and then plug the Apple Pencil into iPad Pro, too.
  • Known as the number-one device in sensitivity, the Apple Pencil also known as pressure sensitive even though the gesture-based would not work properly on the device, either you have to press harder in order to make a broader line on your work.
  • In order to prevent the cut-off of the connection, you can use the adapter given by Apple which allow you to input implement well.

Speaking about the Apple Pencil guide above, how about the technology equipped into the Apple Pencil itself? Well, it would be really great since iPad Pro can scan about 240 times of signal coming from the Apple Pencil in each second. Thus, it would improve the low latency and accuracy whenever you start to use it well. You can read more about Apple Pencil tutorial here

Hello, world!

By John Silombo on Sunday, April 3 2016, 02:58 - General

The project was a (potentially ill-conceived) idea based on the assumption that there are not enough open source/free software technological reviews in the world. Or to be more precise: To get the opportunity to weigh in.

Behind this project you find Morten: At least at this point - it will be interesting to get people involved.

In the beginning, the primary focus will be program presentations using screencasts - essentially recordings of how the program looks and a ton of opinion on that. You can consult the On the drawing board page for what is being worked on. There is a partner site, the Linux Void podcast. This site will be hosting the Ogg version of the show.